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Plan Kilimanjaro climb.

It is a massive 5,895m tall and the highest free-standing mountain in the world. Everest is much higher overall but it starts at about 4,000m.

Kilimanjaro is also the highest mountain in Africa so is part of the very special club that mountaineers call the “Seven Summits” – the highest mountains on each continent.

Even with these awesome credentials, you can leave work on a Friday, climb to its summit and be back at work a week later. And more than anything this accessibility is what makes it so popular. So book your Kilimanjaro climb now with the number one Kilimanjaro operator. If you climb with us, you are in safe hands – we have now helped over 10,000 climbers summit successfully.


Having helped over 10,000 people climb Kilimanjaro we know that for every one of them, the best route was the route which gave them the best chance to stand on the top of this awesome mountain. So there are just four routes up Kilimanjaro that we recommend: the Machame RouteLemosho routeRongai route and the Northern Circuit.

MACHAME ROUTE | This is our favourite route for a short climb as it offers a high chance of success over just 7 days. It has an interesting approach through all of Kilimanjaro’s diverse climate zones. Its downside is that everybody likes it, so in peak periods it can be very busy.

LEMOSHO ROUTE | Stepping up in cost and adding an extra day, this is the best 8 day route on the mountain. It has fantastic views and a really interesting approach from the West of the mountain.

NORTHERN CIRCUIT | If money and time are not an issue then it is worth checking out the Northern Circuit. It has the same attractive approach as the Lemosho but then heads North where you will find yourselves nearly alone.

RONGAI ROUTE | This route approaches Kilimanjaro from the north of the mountain close to the Kenyan border.  It is a very quiet route, and is not normally our first choice as there is very little vegetation as it has much less rainfall. This means it is a good route to choose in the rainy season and it is always generally quiet.

When is the best time to plan Kilimanjaro climb ?

The short answer is to either go between May and October, or December and March. You can read lots more about the weather on Kilimanjaro here.

Simply put, Kilimanjaro has a long monsoon season in April and May, and a shorter monsoon season in November.  During these periods there is a high probability of rain every day. Outside these periods the weather is mainly dry and clear.

Of course, most people want to climb when it is dry, so if you choose one of these two periods you can expect to meet a lot of other climbers. To mitigate this, choose one of the less popular routes. The Northern Circuit is a great choice at this time of year. If you want to climb when it is quieter, or during one of the rainy seasons, then look at the Rongai route.  It lies in Kilimanjaro’s rain shadow and is much drier all year round.

When to go if you want to go on safari

If you have a few extra days then going on safari after your climb is a great option. Tanzania is great for wildlife and is a perfect place to see the Safari Big 5. There are different times of the year that are best for certain safari experiences. For example, if you really want to see the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti, then the best time to visit is February or March.


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